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Structured Packing - 翻译中...

Structured packing is also called Distillation Packing Bed, which has large specific surface area and low pressure drop, be widely used in distillation, absorption, stripping, desorption, heat exchange, extraction,etc. Different materials of Corrugated structured packing has been applied to different specific areas. Naike Chemical supplies a complete range of structured packing: Ceramic Structured Packing, Plastic Structured Packing , Metal Corrugated Structured Packing and Metal Wire Mesh Structured Packing

Types of Structured Column Packing

Ceramic Structured Packing - 翻译中...
Ceramic Structured Packing - 翻译中...

Ceramic structured packing is made up of many packing unit bodies that share the same geometry shape. Corrugated ceramic packing is called Kelapak packing abroad, it is also called high-efficiency packing.

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Metal Structured Packing - 翻译中...
Metal Structured Packing - 翻译中...

Metal structured packing(Metal Perforated Plate Corrugated Packing) is made of a perforated plate with channel corrugation on surface, and remains a structured feature of metal wire gauze packing.

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Plastic Structured Packing - 翻译中...
Plastic Structured Packing - 翻译中...

Plastic Perforated Plate Corrugated Packing is made of improved polypropylene and the other material, and its performance is similar to the metallic perforated corrugated packing with the same dimension.

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Application of Structured Packing in Distillation Column - 翻译中...

Distillation packed column has the advantages of large specific surface area, small pressure drop, uniform fluid distribution, and high mass and heat transfer efficiency, so it has been widely used. The earliest development was metal structured tower packing, and later, there were plastic structured packing, ceramic structured packing, and carbon fiber structured packing.

Application of ceramic structured packing tower distillation: distillation of halogenated organic compounds, distillation and absorption of corrosive mixtures that have strict requirements on pressure drop and theoretical plate number, sulfuric acid absorption, nitric acid concentration and gas purification in chemical fertilizer plants and other towers with a lot of nature medium; the vacuum operation with an absolute pressure from 100 Pa is used as a heat exchanger; as a mist eliminator or a catalyst carrier, etc.

Naike is a tower packing manufacturer that offers high-quality structured packing at a cheap price including metal structured packing, ceramic structured packing, plastic structured packing, etc. Contact us to know more!

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